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Visit incredible sites in the vast majority of countries in Europe. Discover cities with cultures, gastronomy and highly diverse languages within a few hours of each other.

Most remarkable trips

Nearly 30 member countries of the European Union share the same currency and allow for a simplified cross-border crossing, making travel in Europe much easier. Take a train trip of a few hours to visit a new country. From the nations of the Arctic Circle to the sunny Mediterranean countries, modern cities rub shoulders with the remains of ancient civilizations.

Visit Italy and Greece to admire the ruins of ancient empires. In Rome you will find the Colosseum, and in Athens, the Acropolis. Relax on the beautiful beaches of these two countries. Explore some of the 6,000 Greek islands and contemplate the Ligurian Sea from the trails that pass through terraced Italian vineyards in Cinque Terre.

France is famous for its wines, Mediterranean beaches and art galleries. Explore the vast canyon of the Gorges du Verdon and ski in the French Alps. Visit markets in Provencal towns, perched villages in the Luberon and beaches of Saint-Tropez. In Paris, visit the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay and the Georges Pompidou Center. Stroll along the Champs-Elysées and see the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Spain and Portugal highlight the different facets of modern Iberian culture. In Portugal, enjoy tasty pastries in Belém, visit the Jerónimos Monastery and see powerful waves crashing down the coast of this country located at the western end of Europe. Ski in the Pyrenees, race in front of Pamplona bulls and dance flamenco in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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